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Tim Hansen

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More Days Added... [Apr. 28th, 2005|10:08 am]
Tim Hansen
[mood |cheerfulHappy]
[music |Boom - System of a down]

Yay, I hope everyone heard the exiting news! The school is giving us 3 more days of school! Woot Woot! Sarcasm is a wonderful thing :). The reason I am upset about having extra days added to teh semester isn't that we have 3 more days to catch up on the classes lost. For me, I am mad because I am sheduled to start working back home on the 11th and not that we are finishing the 13th or 14th, that doesn't really help me and I have to break the news to my boss. It also isn't good to say you can't attend the first few days of work at a brand new job lol... but what are you gonna do.

Today Louis or Louie the designer is going to Susans to give us his opinion on our trade fair stuff, can't wait to hear what he has to say, hopefully its good and positive :).

The more i think of summer and the end of school the more I slack off, am I the only one? I find myself with 5-6 projects due within the next few days and I am so not motivated to do them but I force myself to pick myself up and get the job done! Only 2 weeks left and we are done! Hopefully by next week the cruddy rain will be gone and we can start to enjoy the weather of summer!
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So close i can feel it... [Apr. 21st, 2005|09:54 am]
Tim Hansen
[mood |calmCalm]
[music |Californication - Red hot chili peppers]

School is almost done! I can't believe it wen't so fast but to say the least I don't mind taking a break from it. You always get mixed emotions when finishing school, in one sense your glad to get summer and maybe take a little break but then you think of how much work is always due at the last 2 weeks of school. I wish sometimes that teachers would give us some exams earlier and assign us the final projects like 4 weeks before then end so that the people that was to get ahead can get their stuff done instead of stressing on the last week working every minute of their day. And for me anyways, stress doesnt make me write and make the best things, especially essays, those good ol essay deadlines, you can feel it getting closer and closer and you havn't even started.

Well what can I say other then hang on, its almost there, but I have to admit these last few days and this weekend won't really feel like summer, its supposed to rain saturday and sunday which ruins my golf game :@. Its also supposed to be somewhere around 4-5 for the day... not very nice weather is you ask me but hey thats nature right?

I just really can't wait for summer and to go home and be with all my old friends, go swimming, jump off our bridge into the water, hang with them have lots of fun... then I realize ill be working most of the time :(. You really don't realize how good your summer breaks were when you were a kid until you start working and realize all the time you have wasted either watching tv or just been lazy. Well anyways i gotta go but just keep going only about 2 weeks left, WE CAN DO IT!
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This Weekend! [Apr. 19th, 2005|10:05 am]
Tim Hansen
[mood |energeticCANT WAIT!]
[music |No Leaf Clover - Metallica]

Hi everyone, I figured id talk about this weekend coming up, its going to be packed with fun and entertainement. Let's see, well im going home thursday night then friday morning, I am going go go golfing with 5 of my friends which is going to rock. Especially with my new clubs, I am really starting to get the hang of it heh.

Friday night, some of my friends have a rock show at their old school which is going to kick, playing some metallica, red hot chili peppers, greenday and stuff like that, CAN'T WAIT! Saturday I am going to play paintball with 12 people in a old abandoned mine! We played there last saturday and it was just too much fun so we are going again! Its great because there is no one around and there are lots of big rocks, old machines that have been abandoned for many years so its perfect for paintball.

Saturday night is my friends birthday party at her house with all our friends, wow going to be just too much fun in one weekend! I really can't wait but i know that Sunday im going to be burnt out and probly sleep a lot lol and then end up doing all my homework monday.

This has to be one of the most filled weekends ive ever had lol, its just activity after activity, I am going to be so tired but it's gonna be worth it!
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Great March Break! [Mar. 8th, 2005|09:38 pm]
Tim Hansen
[mood |tiredLazy and Tired]
[music |St Anger - Metallica]

Well here we are again, back to school. In this blog I have decided to talk about what I did during my March break. I went home last Friday with Phil, my friend from back home who is currently living in Laval. That night we went to my friend Richards’s house since he was having a party before he left for Cuba (which he loved by the way) and that party was wicked fun, the funniest things happen with old friend lol!

Anyways yeah so after recuperating from the previous night we went snowboarding that night and had lots of fun since the ski hill near my house had just added some nice jumps (couple tabletops) and some very nice rails but I don't take rails anymore, not since I fell on my ribs... god that hurt.

So yeah for the next 3 days we went boarding a lot and had lots of fun then on Wednesday night I had a party at my house and had so much fun it was crazy, was really cool and then the day after my party my friend had a party at his place to celebrate his 18th birthday but not too many people drank since they had a lot at my house lol.

On Saturday after my friends party we made a pretty big jump in my friend backyard and we were filming ourselves going off it, we were going about 25-30 feet long so it was cool but the best is watching yourself after when you don’t succeed the jumps... its hilarious, especially in slow motion lol.

Then on Sunday I came back to John Abbott College Residence and it was all back to normal and what really made me mad was not that the March break was over but that it snowed like mad the day I left... I really wanted to go boarding in that weather but what are you going to do.

So that is pretty much what I did during my March break, had lots of fun with my old friends and can’t wait until Easter break! :D
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2 Weeks untill march break! [Feb. 13th, 2005|05:10 pm]
Tim Hansen
[mood |mellowFeeling ok]
[music |Iron Man]

Well today I woke up really happy for some reason, I just kept thinking march break was next weekend until I looked at the calendar and realized I was 1 week ahead... so now i'm not in the best mood. This weekend I decided to go see my grandparents and see what they are up to, so I arrived at their house on thursday night(since I dont have school on friday :P) around 7:30PM and spent the night talking to them and playing skip-bo and cribbage with my grandmother.

On saturday morning we wen't into Laval because my sister is a figure skater, she has been skating for around 10-11 years and she had a competition with her Synchronized skating team which is composed with 10 skaters I believe. So anyways we arrived there around 11 and she didnt get on untill noon but their group did very well and came 5th out of 11 teams which is quite good considering some of the team members only have 4-5 years skating experience. I also got to see my mother at the rink which was nice since I havn't seen her in about 3 and a half weeks.

So after leaving the rink, me and my grandparents wen't back to their home in Vercheres and watched the movie "Hurricane" which I have seen before and is a really inspiring and really emotional story about a African American boxer, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter who is framed in a murder and is sen't to jail for 18 years and its based on the true story of this courageous man. If you ever have a chance to watch this movie starring Danzel Washington, its a very moving story and really maked you think about certain things like the racism that is still very real in this world and it makes me angry that some people can be so ignorant and stupid sometimes. I know that the world has really gone forward and that racism has gone down tremendosly but its still out there and it aggravates me that people can judge people and hate people based on the color of their skin, its the dumbest thing and I can't some people still have very racial thoughts...

This weekend I also talked to two of my friends from back home who are thinking of going to John Abbott and we started to think about getting an apartment together which would be so much fun and I hope it all works out how we are planning so tomorow (monday) I gotta start looking around for apartments, WOW SO MUCH FUN ... lol not, as you probly know, i'm a very shy person and the though of even going into an apartment and asking the owner the rent and all that makes me nervous, I don't know why but hey i'll do it anyways heh.

Anyways I will leave you on that note, my weekend was very good and I just cant wait untill march break arrives!
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Saturday Night... [Jan. 30th, 2005|07:48 pm]
Tim Hansen
[mood |goodTired but Happy]
[music |In the end "Linkin Park"]

Hi everyone, well it's Saturday night again and Monday is just around the corner, how depressing is that? Anyways I had a wicked action packed weekend with all my friends from back home. Let's see well I arrived in Wakefield on Friday night around 9PM and went straight to my best friends house where we played some Texas Holdem(poker) with about 5 other people and playing 5$ a game. By game I mean we all pitched in 5$ and distributed all the chips and whoever came in second place (me) got their 5$ back and the person who won it all won the rest 25-30$ or whatever the total was. I was pretty angry I didn't win but hey second isn't bad I guess.

After sleeping in Saturday morning we decided to go snowboarding for the day and got there around 3PM but first we had to go get some alcohol for my friends birthday party which was happening that night and all the SAQ's are on strike except one so we went there and got bombarded by protesters which I found kind of weird, I mean just let me get my alcohol and leave me alone, I'm not the one giving you a cruddy salary... Anyways back to snowboarding, so we got there around 3 as I said and waited for the rest of my friends and by 4:30 we were all ready to go so we hit the runs and the hills were incredibly nice seeing how busy it was during the day, I though it would have been very icy but I was wrong and happy about it. While passing by the snowboard park we helped some guys build a tabletop for a bit which was huge then we went back to snowboarding, oh yeah and we saw 2 foxes chasing each other on the hill which was pretty funny. We finally left at 10PM since the hills were closing and we went to my friends and started to drink and play music and no I don't play any instruments but my friends are real good at electric guitars and the base. We also decided to drink Purple Jesus which is a really good drink, its Vodka and Purple Cool-aid, god I love that stuff heh. So yeah I finally walked back to my place around 3:30AM and woke up around noon today and then I left to go back to Montreal around 2 so all in all my weekend was pretty jam packed and I kind of feel bad because I didn't even get to see my mother once since she was working but what are you going to do. Well looks like I got some of Rick’s homework ahead of me and this time I think i am doing it right, or well, I'm hoping.

I hope you all had a great weekend; I got to go finish some last minute homework like always, bye

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Rick's Quiz... [Jan. 26th, 2005|12:14 pm]
Tim Hansen
[mood |cheerfulFeeling Great!]

Wow I just had to write about this because I'm so happy, I actually got a good score in Rick's Quiz! Im so glad i did well and I think that his Quiz's are a little bit easier this year or maybe I am just working harder anyways yeah im just in a really good mood right now and though I might as well write it down here. I also wanted to say for the people who did not do that well last semester in Rick's class or this little Quiz to keep on trying and don't give up.

On another note, I'm also exited because my friend from back home called me and we are setting up a poker game (Texas Hold em) and I love to play poker and can't wait to take all their money ^_^. Does anyone else like to play poker, specifically Texas Hold em or Omaha or am I the only one heh?
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Let it Snow... [Jan. 24th, 2005|06:49 pm]
Tim Hansen
[mood |energeticS N O W]

Hi everyone, My name is Tim Hansen and this is the first time i've ever made an online journal. Let's start out by learning more about me, well I was born in Wakefield, Qc which is about 30 minutes north of Ottawa. I have 1 sister and her name is Kathryn, she is 16 years old. My father's name is Louis and my mother's name is Kim. Hopefully you will read my Blog and learn more about me and what i like. I am creating this journal for one of my College classes at John Abbott College but who knows i might really enjoy it, anyways let's get to whats on my mind today.

I don't know about you but i LOVE snow, i am a snowboarder and can never get enough of it. And this snow storm about to hit Montreal makes me actually kind of happy unlike most of the people here. I cant wait to go home this weekend and get some snowboarding in with my friends. Apparantly Nova Scotia is getting somewhere between 30-40 cm which is crazy, I wish i was there. This weekend, as i said i am probably going to go home to Wakefield and get two full days of snowboarding in and also go to my friends birthday party, its going to be a great weekend and I just can't wait...
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